Friday, December 17, 2010

The Warning

The government's system is a lie.
Follow them, and you will die.
If you aren't programmed like and android,
Their plan is evident and easy to avoid.
Do your research; stay informed.
Get together and unite - it can be reformed.
Be brave and spread the word.
Tell your story and let it be heard.
But be warned; Big Brother is lurking.
In your computers, on your phones he is searching.
Beware of FEMA and the swine flu.
So that the Holocaust doesn't hit you out of the blue.
Stick to the readings of the Bible, Koran and Torrah,
And beware the lies of the New World Order.


Saturday, December 11, 2010

FEMA camps

Sometime after Hurricane Katrina, I began to hear rumors of FEMA camps that had sinister purposes. I thought that maybe it was due to the fact that Americans had lost faith in FEMA and our government in general for their slow response to the aftermath of Katrina and the lack or preparedness beforehand.

As I researched it, I read and heard words like, concentration camps, casket liners, temporary morgues, furnaces, and things that brought Nazi attrocities to mind. What I found did not ease my troubled mind.

There are several places around the country where these big deep black boxes, which are being called coffin liners are being stockpiled. These things are deep enough to hold several bodies, and have flat lids which make stacking easier. They would be great for containing contaminated bodies, which might have died from some biological or nuclear disaster. But who is the government expecting to cause this mass death? Are they planning to cause it themselves? These coffins were produced long before we began to hear about H1N1 or Swine Flu. Does that mean the government had some knowledge we didn't about this supposed pandemic because they were going to create it, or are the boxes for something else?

There are videos on in which you can see on Google Maps these camps located all over the United States. What is being planned or anticipated?

These camps have train tracks that run right into them. There are also buses called FEMA Evacuation buses that do not look like any Grey Hound I have ever seen. They appear to be sealed up pretty tight. There are FEMA trucks which look like really slick assault vehicles. They have roofs that can open for a gunner to pop out of with a machine gun and they have bullet proof glass. Why would an agency that is supposed to help us need that? If there were a scenario where marshal law needed to be declared, why wouldn't they just use military vehicles?

Let's take a look at FEMA itself to determine if it is a benign helpful agency.

April 1, 1979, Jimmy Carter through Executive Order 12127 created FEMA. It was supposed to coordinate response to disasters that overwhelmed state and local resources. When it was created it absorbed the Federal Insurance Administration, the National Fire Prevention and Control Administration, National Weather Service Community Preparedness Program, and several other federal preparedness programs. So, from the very beginning, ground work was being laid for what it has become today. In 2003, FEMA became part of the Department of Homeland Security. FEMA has three directives.

1. National Emergency Recovery

2. Continuity of Government

3. Combating perceived threats to the existing social and political order.

Executive Order Number 12148 created the Federal Emergency Management Agency that is to interface with the Department of Defense for civil defense planning and funding. An “emergency czar” was appointed. FEMA has only spent about 6 percent of its budget on national emergencies. The bulk of their funding has been used for the construction of secret underground facilities to assure the continuity of government in case of a major emergency, foreign or domestic. This is rather interesting considering that victims of Hurricane Katrina had to bend over backwards to qualify for help as if there might not be enough money to go around.

When FEMA became part of Homeland Security, this changed it's focus, because Homeland Security's purpose it to protect us from dangerous people.
After FEMA failed to handle Hurricane Katrina adequately, Michael Brown said that the Bush administration had the mentality that it was just a natural disaster, it wasn't Alqueda. So, we have seen that they fail miserably in their first objective concerning natural disasters.

There are some people in the government which have worked under first one administration and then another. Rumsfeld and Cheney are two of those who go all the way back to the Nixon administration. There were people who felt that a system should be set up in which the President could take total control of the government to insure “continuity of government.” This seems to be FEMA's real objective. During the Nixon Impeachment, there were those who conspired to take control by means of a military coup. In fact the Marines were supposedly all for this and the other heads of the branches of the military began to put in place plans to keep any orders from going to these branches of the military without first going through them to prevent this military coup.

Readiness exercise 1984 was an exercise of the armed forces conducted for the government to see if our military had the ability to detain large numbers of American citizens in case of civil unrest or national emergency. This was in anticipation of civil disturbances and major demonstration and strikes which might affect the “continuity of government.”

During Oliver North's trial, he was asked whether or not he had been given an assignment concerning “continuity of government” and he refused to answer because it was classified. There was discussion of other matters at these hearings concerning FEMA.

It is interesting that FEMA deputies are usually things like colonels. In 1982, Colonel John Brinkerhoff outlined in a memo about something called REX 84 the conditions under which martial law would be enforced. It would be declared in the event of a “national crisis.” (That could be almost anything). This plan allowed FEMA to take over state and local government with military commanders replacing public officials. As in the past, (Japanese Internment Camps) the government plans to do things based on race. This plan set things up so that 21 million “American Negroes” would be rounded up and taken to military bases which were converted to prisons, because they were the largest threat to “continuity of government.”

Now at the present time, they consider people who are right wing religious people, like pro lifers s well as people of Middle Eastern descent to be a threat.

Presidential Directive or PDD51 is a classified plan that set up the plan for taking control of the government and when Congress asked to see it, they were told they couldn't see it, because under it, they no longer had any authority. In times past, this would have been considered treason. Imagine the arrogance under which a President could say to Congress you have no power if I decide to take it from you. So, here we see that they really don't want “continuity of government” in any form we know or want. What they really want is a smooth transition into a new one.

The F.B.I had a Counterintelligence Program, and did many illegal and immoral things with it. They concentrated their efforts on dissident groups, such as the Black Panthers, the Klan, communists and socialists, civil rights and anti-war groups. Supposedly, they were trying to protect national security, prevention of violence and maintaining the existing social and political order, which is number three on FEMA's list. This was stated by Walter Mondale, Frank Church, Phil Hart and Barry Goldwater and other on a Senate Select Committee in 1956. In the records of this report, it says, “The breadth of targeting springs partly from the lack of definition for the categories involved, and partly from the Bureau's belief that dissident speech and association should be prevented because they were incipient steps toward the possible ultimate commission of an act which might be criminal. Thus,, the Bureau's self-imposed role as protector of the existing political and social order blurred the line...”

They were watching groups like the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, the Student nonviolent Coordinating Committee, Deacons for Defense and Justice, Congress of Racial Equality as well as the Nation of Islam.

Under the Hoover administration of the F.B.I., the agents were ordered to expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit, or otherwise neutralize the activities of organizations on his hit list.

Brian Glick, author and attorney, wrote at book called, War At Home. In it he tells of methods the F.B.I. Used to persecute these people. He says the infiltrated organization to undermine them from the inside. They planted false media stories, forged correspondence and spread misinformation. They even set up fake groups to attract members away from real groups, and harassed the family members of these people.

He says they went so far as to fabricate evidence and give perjured testimony and made false arrests as well, in order to imprison them. He wrote that they vandalized, and broke into places, assaulted people and beat them. Again this was to “maintain existing social and political order.”

In 2009, Hal Turner, radio host, said he was trained by the FBI to incite hatred and violence, and worked for them between 2002-2007. The FBI says they stopped counterintelligence operations in the 1970's.

In October of 1999, a report called Project Megiddo was sent by the FBI yo law enforcement in the US to alert them as to who was considered a threat. Those on the watch list include, anyone who supports Gun Ownership Rights, Private Property Rights, Home Schooling, and The US Constitution, people who thinks elections are rigged, a New World Order exists, and anyone who believes in these concentration camps.

Rush Limbaugh reported a story about a document being sent to Missouri law enforcement in 2009, that was supposed to help identify “militiamen.” It said that if you had a bumper sticker for a third party candidate like Ron Paul, or if you talked about conspiracy theories like a super highway linking Canada and Mexico. Basically they were told if you see a car with a bumper sticker opposing the North American Union, then the driver is an anti-government radical, and they might be violent and to use extreme caution. The same report warned against anyone who opposed the Federal Reserve, Income Tax, Radio Frequency Identification, Abortion, or Illegal Immigration and considered them to be potential terrorists. If we exercise free speech, we might be considered a terrorist.

Most Americans do not know that there are areas being designated “free speech zones.” I actually saw one on the North Carolina/Tennessee border this fall. At a scenic overlook, there was a sign you were supposed to stand under if for some reason you wanted to exercise your right to free speech while stopped there. Previously, I had thought that was a bunch of bologna, but seeing is believing.

Under something called North Com (created in 2002) and Homeland Brigade, troops are going to be stationed as an active unit inside the United States. They are the 3rd Infantry division and are hardened troops. They have been involved with concentration camps in Iraq and now they are to handle law enforcement and civil unrest situations on our soil. Col. Michael Boatner, United States Northern Command said that they have no role in civil disturbance and are supposed to help in WMD situations. But the Army Times reports that “They may be called upon to help with civilian unrest and crowd control or to deal with potentially horrific scenarios.” (as reported on CNN).

The posse comitatus act :
it shall not be lawful to employ any part of the Army of the United States, as a posse comitatus, or otherwise, for the purpose of executing the laws, except in such cases and under such circumstances as such employment of said force may be expressly authorized by the Constitution or by an act of Congress.

H.R. 5122 in 2006, also called the John Warner Defense Act, signed by President bush, nullified Posse Comitatus in the United States. This house bill allows the President to station troops anywhere in America without the consent of the governor or local authorities for the express purpose of “suppressing public disorder.”

The Patriot Act did away with our right to Habeas Corpus, and allows the government to come in and grab us up and throw us into jail without telling us why or allowing us to petition the court to find out why. The H.R. 645, The National Emergency Centers Establishment Act, gives them the right to put us into these prisons, by allocating military bases to become FEMA centers. They are to be built with public works, medical and educational facilities. (Remember the Japanese Internment Camps).

The wording of section 2 of H.R. 645 sounds rather benign. It indicates that it is to establish these bases for victim of natural disasters and also to train local government to handle these type of situations. It says that there have to be at least six of these camps established.

But section 3 says that they can also be used for an “emergency.” They are also supposed to be able to scale them up or down according to their needs. Keep in mind, these things existed before the bill legalized them. Halliburton got the money to build them, and that should give you pause as well.

These camps have watch towers, secured entrances, barbed wire that points in toward people, and this fencing is in double and sometimes triple rows like at a prison, and as I previously stated, they have helicopter landing areas and train entrances.

The National Guard put out a recruiting video for internment/resettlement specialists stating that the army would train you for this job. It is basically training for prison guards within our country. I have seen stories about Boy Scouts being trained to fight terrorism. Wow, our own Hitler Youth. There were photos of them in the New York Times in Homeland Security uniforms and they were supposedly training to take on gun owners and disgruntled veterans in seek and destroy operations.

The Presidential administration wants everyone between the age of 18 and 25 to serve in what Rahm Emanuel called “a kind of civil defense.”

During the 2010 census, the government said that if you refused to give someone who came to your door your information, you could be fined $5000 and they took GPS coordinates of every house in America. So they now know what race we are, how many people are in our house, what our phone number is and where our house is, so we will be easy to find should they decide to come for us.

There are articles on the net and videos and you hear rumors about color codes lists. Red, Yellow, Blue and occasionally Pink. They says that the government already has us divided up into who they intend to kill immediately, who they will take to camps and use for slave labor and re-education and those who will follow blindly or serve some purpose.

Whether or not you believe that FEMA plans a misuse of these camps, you can see that the government in Washington is overriding the Constitution.

How might we combat this? For one, our states could reaffirm their 10th Amendment rights. This says that any powers not given in the Constitution to the Federal Government, remain with us, the citizens and with the individual states.

Stay informed. As I stated the government will sometimes put out misinformation which can later be proven false in order to discredit reliable information. One of the camps reported was at an AMTRAK station in Indiana. It has since been shown that it is a legitimate train repair facility. Very possibly they put out this information knowing that it could be proven false, so that people would say that all of the other ones must not exist either. Or wouldn't it be more diabolical to continue to use it to repair trains knowing that at a moment's notice it could be flipped into it's true purpose?

This is a subject so dense in information that it will require more than one post. 

Friday, December 10, 2010

What is HAARP


I can't remember when the first time I heard of HAARP was. At the time it seemed pretty Star Wars to me. I have since come to know it is much more.

There have been unusual weather phenomenon in the last few years that seem to be Apocalyptic to some people. There was the tsunami in Indonesia and the hurricane Katrina, and just as the world began to go about it's business, then Haiti was hit with an earth quake.

Are these just freak occurrences or has someone been manipulating the world's weather? I am not sure at this point, but I do believe the HAARP project bears close watching.

What does it stand for? High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program. It is a joint research venture with funding from the US Air Force, the US Navy, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the University of Alaska. It began in 1993, supposedly to analyze the ionosphere, to see if there was a potential to enhance the radio communication and surveillance tech. It is located on an Air Force site in Gakona, Alaska.

They use a radio frequency transmitter, called the Ionospheric Research Instrument, which are also called ionosphere heaters to “excite” the ionosphere for short periods. They use UHF radar and a flux gate magnetometer to take readings of the changes that happen in the excited part of the ionosphere. The government says that it is no different than any of the other ionosphere heaters which exist in other parts of the world. But this one is much more powerful.

To put the science into a more easily digested form, there is an ionosphere that surrounds the earth's upper atmosphere, approximately 40-60 miles above the earth's surface. In addition to the ozone, it protects us from the sun's harmful rays and global warming. HAARP can shock it with a focused and navigable electromagnetic bolt.

The American government claims that HAARP is for researching weather, but the military is developing it for it's own purposes. Their official website says, that it is for scientific research, primarily for communication studies: "a premier facility for the study of ionospheric physics and radio science,", but why all of the military influence, then? Angels don't play this HAARP by Dr. Nick Begich and Jeane Manning, was written about this and, according to it's authors,

At the highest HF powers available in the West, the instabilities commonly studied are approaching their maximum RF energy dissipative capability, beyond which the plasma process will ‘runaway’ until the next limiting factor is reached.”

The science behind HAARP was thought up by Nicholas Tesla and expanded upon by a Texas physicist named Bernard Eastlund. I am sure they both had good intentions in mind, but as with many good things, it can be used for bad purposes.

It is believed that radio frequencies can be generated which are capable of creating earth quakes and having adverse effects on brain waves as just a couple of the negative uses. Other possible, suspect uses are that it is a surveillance system, and can destroy aircraft in mid-air.

Geophysicist Gordon J.F. MacDonald, a specialist in problems of warfare, says accurately-timed, artificially-excited electronic strokes could lead to a pattern of oscillations that produce relatively high power levels over certain legions of the earth . . . in this way one could develop a system that would seriously impair the brain performance of very large populations in selected regions over an extended period.”

In other words it could be used to control our minds and behavior. Everyone has heard about the government's research with LSD in the 1960's.

Zbigniew Brzezinski was the NSA adviser to Jimmy Carter, science adviser to President Johnson, and political adviser to President Obama. He predicted in 1970 that HAARP could be used for “a more controlled and directed society” linked to technology.

How could it control your brainwaves? Well when these waves are reflected back towards the earth, they are in the form of ELF, or Extremely Low Frequency waves. This is another good thing with evil potential. ELF is usually used so that submarines can communicate. They could also help locate underground bunkers of our enemies, as well as their submarines, and locate missiles. But you might be paralyzed if you happened to be in the way.

There is also the capability of interrupting everyone else's communication, except the military's.

One of the strange things about the Haitian earthquake is the fact that only Haiti was hit. Haiti is one end of the island of Hispaniola. The other end, the Dominican Republic was not affected in the same way. When was the last time you heard of an island only being affected by anything on just one end?

Being a paranoid person, I don't believe much in coincidences. Supposedly, on Monday, just prior to the earthquake, Jean Demay, the technical manager for DISA(Defense Information Systems Agency) just happened to be in Florida preparing to test their system, a test which involved a hypothetical hurricane in Haiti. This agency is supposedly set up to coordinate relief efforts for natural disasters. The earthquake hit on Tuesday and they had their website up and running by Wednesday to coordinate the relief efforts. Gee, do you think maybe somebody knew ahead of time that something was going to happen? This agency was developed in part by the department of defense. Robert Gates is the Secretary of Defense and he headed up the relief efforts. It's rather strange for the Department of Defense to head up humanitarian efforts.

There were reports in the news that the U.S was mostly interested in occupying Haiti instead of helping it. If ever there was a government that had experienced the interference of America, it would be Nicaragua.

Jesse Ventura, former Governor of Minnesota, did an episode of his Conspiracy Theory show, and several other good questions were brought up, such as where does the power for such a high powered transmission come from? There is no evidence of smoke or steam coming from the facility.

There are a few other things to keep in mind. When Tesla first proposed the idea, it became referred to as a death ray. Tesla was Russian.

If you would like to see some video on the subject, go to YouTube, and here are some of my favorites.

This one shows something that may be Russian HAARP in Romania
This was in Norway

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Is it paranoid if you know you're paranoid?

I am starting this blog in order to pass on information that the citizens of the United States, especially, and the world in general need to know about what is going on around us. 

There are a certain percentage of people who think that conspiracy theorists are all crack pots and nut jobs. But there are also those of us who know that there are usually reasons behind paranoia. 

Some of us have looked under the bed, when we heard a bump in the night and we know that monsters really do exist.  

If it makes you feel better to blow off what you read here, that's o.k. But when the spit begins to hit the fan, you will still be three steps ahead of the rest of the world and sometimes a three step head start is all you need to get away and survive.