Saturday, March 17, 2012

CDC now calling U.S. households and demanding Child Immunization Records as part of Vaccine Surveillance and Tracking Program

CDC now calling U.S. households and demanding Child Immunization Records as part of Vaccine Surveillance and Tracking Program When my children were small, I read and heard all of the concerns people had about the bad reactions to immunizations. At that time, the statistics said that only a small percentage of autism cases were indirectly linked to immunizations. So, I decided that if my children contracted a disease because I did not get their shots, they would definitely have a chance of dying, and a high chance of permanent side effects and things like, blindness, deafness, being crippled, or other things. If I didn't get them the shots, those things would be my fault. I would be the guilty party. If I got them the shots and they had bad reactions to them, that would be the governments fault. My mother barely survived Whooping Cough, and my father had rheumatic fever and was left with rheumatoid arthritis and a damaged heart, because he had not had antibiotics available to him. My kids, my decision.

Things are different now. The governments have much more say in how we raise children. Rather than arguing over whether or not immunizations cause problems, we need to figure out ways for parents to be the ones who get to make the call on their kids health care. When people decided to homeschool their kids, the government resisted that. They go so far as to teach people who work for Children's Services that the only possible reason you would do that is because you want to hide abuse and that it is socially damaging to the child. Homeschooling is a red flag to DCFS. If someone reports you to them, they come to your home already thinking you are mentally unstable and in need of their guidance. People had to start hiring lawyers to fight back.

This is what people need to do in regard to immunizations. If you decide to not have your child immunized. I do not feel that you have the right to expose other kids to it. But, there should be some system in place to accomodate your decision. The government is already taking steps to force you to give them the shots. You are going to have to decide to take your chances with the side effects of the shots, or you are going to have to decide how to legally defend yourself.

There have already been parents sent to jail for not getting their children medical care that the courts and DCFS feel that they should have had. They were charged with endangerment and neglect. Their religious beliefs were not even a defense. I'm not saying I think these parents were right. The CDC is now calling people to get them to give access to their children's medical records. Do not fall for this. I can tell you for sure, that if you give them access to immunization records, and they find something in that information that gives them a reason to feel suspicious of you, they can then apply for a court order to get the rest of the medical records through probable cause. Almost anything from a child's life can be twisted to look like you are a bad parent, and the courts do not assume you are innocent until proven guilty when it comes to your children. You have to prove you are not guilty. What if they find in those records that your child has fallen down a lot? They won't assume your family comes from a long line of clumsy accident prone people. If the CDC calls you, do not participate in the phone survey. Take legal recourse if necessary. It does not matter if you have gotten the shots or not. This is not just an attempt to make sure you have, it is an attempt to start systematically having access to private medical records. And to ultimately have the final say in your child's medical care.

The Kennedy's didn't realize that when you check into a hospital to give birth, you are giving the hospital, and through it, DCFS, temporary custody of your newborn. This is how they are legally able to come in and take immediate custody of crack babies and to force you to get a proper car seat before you can leave the hospital. While those two things seem like they are good things, they ultimately mean you go through child birth and the hospital has custody of your child. I actually read the papers they gave me in order to check in and to be discharged from the hospital. They say that they are "releasing" your baby into your care when you go home. They took the excuse of people stealing babies from hospitals as an opportunity to install high tech security. You cannot get out of a maternity ward now without permission. Many hospitals have doors that have to be disarmed for you to get to an elevator and then the outside world. Your child will have a band on their arm or leg that keeps you from leaving without setting off an alarm. These measures are a double edged sword. They keep your child safe from strangers, but they also keep them safe from YOU, and safely in the care of the state, until they give them back to you.

If the government has the power to do this to you and allow you to think it is in your best interest, then you had better face the reality that you ultimately have to be on guard to retain your parental rights.

  The Institute of Medicine receives funding from the Department of Defense and Homeland Security.

 Your child now comes into this world owing it's soul to the government. They only let you have them back until such a time as they feel you are no longer useful as a babysitter and they are constantly on the lookout for a reason to take them back from you. This is because they ultimately want that soul back. If you are not helping to program your child to take it's place in the society that the government wants it to be a part of, then you are going to run into legal resistance from them. Or not so legal, infringements on your rights.

The government has already been conducting practice drills, in which they enter schools, armed and using mock explosives, round up all the kids and take them to holding centers. I bet you thought you would be informed if your child was arrested, and that they would have to do something wrong first. Not so, because the government does not believe they belong to you. The following is the news story detailing the phone call you will be receiving soon from the CDC.There are links and sources. No hype and no bull