Saturday, December 15, 2012

Ways To Kill Without A Gun

Ways to kill without a gun

(not condoning) Just making a point.

Rope, insulin, fire/gas, exhaust fumes, bush hog mower, chemicals, bleach, water, step/push in front of train/semi/bus/airplane prop, ice pick, gaff, box cutter, duct tape, blow dryer in a bathtub, cocaine/meth/ecstasy, push/fall into a garbage truck, push/fall into a cardboard compactor, street paver, neck tie, spear gun, cross bow, shove toilet plunger into rectum of fellow inmate...

Saw all of these on episodes of CSI or Law and Order

It's really hard to get a gun in Japan, yet they are known for mass murders.

For committing mass murder, guns are inefficient. People don;t decide that because they can legally buy a gun, they are going to go kill a bunch of people. First they decide they are going to kill and THEN they pick a weapon.

Guns are for personal protection. That's what they were designed for. But when you want to go on the offensive, explosives are what most armies use.

Worst School Massacre in US history: Bath, Michigan School Massacre. 1927. Murder accomplished with explosives. 44 victims (equal to the Columbine and Virginia Tech massacres combined).

Worst Domestic Terrorist Attack in US History: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building bombing. 4/19/95. Murder accomplished with a rental truck full of fertilizer based explosives. 168 dead (including many children in an onsite day care).

Worst Foreign based Terrorist Attack in US History: September 11, 2001 attacks on NYC, PA, Pentagon. Murder accomplished with box cutters and commercial airliners. ~3,000 people dead.

    Arson, Stabbing Rampage in Seoul South Korea : 10/20/2008. 6 people dead, 5 from stabbing. 7 others wounded, 4 seriously. An angry man felt people “looked down on him.”

    Anti-police stabbing spree in Shanghai, China: 7/2008. 6 Police Officers stabbed to death, 4 wounded. 28 year old man angry at police attacked a police station with a knife.

    Akihabara Massacre, Chiyoda City, Tokyo, Japan: 6/8/2008. 7 people killed (3 struck by car, 4 by stabbing), many more injured. Man slammed into a crowd with his car, then jumped out and began stabbing people to death.

    18 year old slashes 4 to death in Sitka, Alaska, US: 3/25/2008. 4 people killed. 18 year old (old enough to purchase a rifle over the counter) kills 4 people, related to him, with a 5 inch knife.

    Stabbing Spree kills 2, Tsuchiura, Japan: 3/23/2008. 2 killed, 7 wounded. Man “just wanted to kill anyone.”

    Stabbing spree wounds 41, 6 seriously in Berlin Train Station: 5/26/2006. 41 wounded, 6 seriously. Thankfully no one died in this attack, but not for lack of trying on the part of the drunk 16 year old.

    4 killed in stabbing spree in London, UK: 9/2004. 4 killed, 2 wounded. Mentally ill man attacks mostly older people.

    6 killed over Xbox dispute in Deltona, Florida, US: 8/6/2004. 6 killed. 4 men (all old enough to legally purchase firearms) bludgeon 6 people to death with baseball bats over purloined Xbox.

    Daegu subway fire, Daegu, South Korea: 2/18/2003. 198 killed, 147 injured. A 56 year old unemployed taxi driver, dissatisfied with his medical treatment, sets fire to a crowded train.

    Osaka School Massacre, Osaka Japan: 6/8/2001. 8 children dead, 13 other children and 2 teachers wounded. Committed by 37 year old former janitor armed with a kitchen knife.


The guy in Connecticut who shot those children had a personality disorder and some form of autism.

Some useful statistics.
26% of homeless are veterans
45% of those are mentally ill
70% have substance abuse problems

The Colorado theater shooter, James Holmes, saw three mental health professionals from UC before he went on his shooting spree.

The Columbine shooters originally planned on setting off huge bombs, not shooting. If they hadn't been so bad at wiring the timers, the propane bombs they set in the cafeteria would have wiped out 600 people. AFTER those bombs went off, they planned to gun down fleeing survivors. An explosive third act would follow, when their cars, packed with still more bombs, would rip through still more crowds, presumably of survivors, rescue workers, and reporters.

Klebold was depressive and suicidal. Harris was a psychopath.

If you qualify for SSI rent usually costs more than your total income.

20,000 homeless people live in Detroit, 1/3 of them are mentally ill.

1/3 of homeless persons have mental illness, severe and disabling mental illness

About half of all homeless have dual diagnosis mental illness and substance abuse problems.

Studies done by the Connecticut Offender Reentry Program, The Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addictions Services, show that
14.1% of offenders were rearrested within 6 months. But those with mental illness and substance abuse problems the rate was 28.3%.

That is double the amount.

It doesn't take guns to be violent and kill and members of our government are better trained to kill without guns.

A homeless, mentally ill man in Fullerton, CA was beaten and tazered to death by 6 police officers in 2011. The people in the neighborhood said he was a quiet, polite, gentle and child-like man. There were witnesses all over, but they were afraid to try to intervene verbally or otherwise against this show of force by police.

The average schizophrenic lives 50 years after their first diagnosis. Because it costs so much to institutionalize them, they are often kicked out onto the street. A disproportionately large amount of them end up in prisons. Prison is cheaper.
The others are frequently killed while committing acts of violence.

There is a link between creativity and mental illness. So mentally ill people who want to kill but are denied access to guns, can be way more creative in their methods of killing, once they have the impulse to do so.

Soldiers are trained to kill with their bare hands, and to improvise weapons, and to be immune to killing, and turn off their empathy in order to make it through the day.

In 1992 a state budget cut threatened to close Connecticut Mental Hospitals, with the result of its patients being homeless.

In November of 2011, NAMI, The National Alliance on Mental Illness released a report called, State Mental Health Cuts:A National Crisis. The budget cuts between 2009 and 2011 was causing a crisis. States have made over 1.6 Billion dollars of budget cuts for mental health in 2012.

In June 2011, there was a reduction in Medicaid funds. States increased the general fund money for mental health costs did not cover the difference. Because states like Arizona and Ohio shifted these general fund monies to Medicaid, it left people who have mental illness but are not eligible for medicaid without services.

This does not factor in the cuts in other money than State General Fund for mental health services. Those other cuts were in Medicaid, housing and family and child services. If those were factored in the amount of cuts would rise exponentially.

In 2011, Federal Stimulus spending for Medicaid, a program that matched state medicaid spending expired. The budgets dropped by $ 14 Billion dollars. This meant that states would be spending 19% more on medicaid. States now have to fill the huge hole left by this loss of federal funds to treat mental illness.

In Congress there are proposals being discussed to reduce medicaid by between $75 billion and $200 billion in the next ten years.

To return to the examples of Arizona and Ohio: Arizona eliminated services for 12,000 people with mental illness and who did not qualify for medicaid. Hundreds of those people ended up in prison or hospitalized. ER visits for psychiatric problems doubled by 40 percent in patients without medicaid.

In Ohio, the state moved funds into medicaid to cover medicaid recipients with mental illness, and left those without medicaid without resource, because they cut their funds by millions of dollars to bolster medicaid and qualify for the matching funds they can get from the Federal government. Aside from all of the other politics going on here, the reason states want those medicaid funds is so that CPS and APS are well funded so that the government can run your life.

In 2011, there was a ban on spending government funds to advocate or promote gun control. Obama's response:

"I have advised the Congress that I will not construe these provisions as preventing me from fulfilling my constitutional responsibility to recommend to the Congress's consideration such measures as I shall judge necessary and expedient," Obama said in a statement as he signed the bill into law.

Obama signaled that he was going to just ignore two new parts of the 2012 Omnibus Spending bill. Although he signed the spending bill into law, he simultaneously issued a so-called "signing statement," a note that presidents have started attaching to legislation stating how they interpret the law they are signing or whether they believe part of it is unconstitutional.

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He thinks he is above the law. To better explain what that was about: It means Congress doesn't want Obama using the CDC and other federally funded programs to "educate" or "advocate" anything that is up for legislation, including gun control, and he said he would do it anyway.

During the October presidential debate in New York, Obama said he was going to be working on gun control. And withing a week after the elections the UN were working with him on it again. He knows that there is very little likelihood of a bi-partisan law on gun control, so he is making an end run around that problem by trying to get us into a UN treaty that requires US citizens to register ALL their guns, so that they know who has what when they confiscate them.

He doesn't want assault weapons; he wants ALL guns.
“And, so, what I’m trying to do is to get a broader conversation about how do we reduce the violence generally,” Obama said at the debate. “Part of it is seeing if we can get an assault weapons ban reintroduced, but part of it is also looking at other sources of the violence, because frankly, in my hometown of Chicago, there’s an awful lot of violence, and they’re not using AK-47s, they’re using cheap handguns.”

The government is buying up ammunition through agencies who should have no need for ammo like DHS. This is a backdoor sneaky way of instituting gun control. If you can't find bullets to buy, your gun is useless.

Obama opened his remarks on the Connecticut shooting with fake tears and a call for gun control. He politicized a tragedy in a disgusting way.

President Obama keeps pushing for gun control. "I just want you to know that we are working on [gun control]. We have to go through a few processes, but under the radar,” President Obama told Sarah Brady, the former president of the Brady Campaign, in Spring 2011.

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The Obama administration had pushed federal agents involved in the Fast & Furious scandal to support gun control regulations during their congressional testimony

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He thinks that the UN is the way to get gun control, but the reality is, it would still require a 2/3 vote in Senate for ratification. But since he thinks he is above Congress, he probably figures on ignoring that little fact.

His administration has attempted to institute a ban on rifles over .22 caliber, classing them in with semi-automatic weapons. The NRA has filed a lawsuit.

Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan headed up President Clinton’s push for gun control when she worked for his White House during the 1990s. And Justice Sonia Sotomayor has signed on to a Supreme Court opinion stating that there is no individual right to "private self-defense" with guns.

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As David Lamp writes at Cato, “In Israel and Switzerland, for example, a license to possess guns is available on demand to every law-abiding adult, and guns are easily obtainable in both nations. Both countries also allow widespread carrying of concealed firearms, and yet, admits Dr. Arthur Kellerman, one of the foremost medical advocates of gun control, Switzerland and Israel ‘have rates of homicide that are low despite rates of home firearm ownership that are at least as high as those in the United States.’”

They have changed their gun control policy from what it was in Switzerland and Israel, but at the time that they had these rules, the fact remains, their homicide rates were lower.

There is an organization called Mayors Against Illegal Guns, started by NY Mayor Bloomberg. This organization has regional coordinators that are being paid for by taxpayer money. In Orlando,FL the taxpayers pay $24,000 of this person's salary and MAIG paid for the other $36,000 of it. MAIG gets most of it's funding from the Joyce Foundation(Obama was a board member).

Can you imagine what a different world it would be in Obama spent half as much time worrying about helping mentally ill people as he does about guns? Guns did not kill those children, a mentally ill person did.

The United Way funds anger management programs. In New York, The Anger Management Program is funded by the New York City Council and private and corporate contributions, supplemented by client fees. Notice the lack of Federal funding?