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Celebrities Involved In Secret Societies?

Lately, there have been videos and articles published on the internet that say that this person or that person is involved in Illuminati conspiracy or Devil worship. I thought I might write about my observations.

The first thing to tackle right off the bat, is that there is a difference between Devil worship as the average Christian perceives it and the Illuminati.

Then I will go over why some of the symbols being used by celebrities are being pointed out as Illuminati symbols and what they mean. Some of these videos point to things like pyramids, but then don't bother to explain why that might be associated with the Illuminati.

Not being clear about what you are saying, immediately gives a slightly open mind the excuse to slam the door on your new ideas and write you off as a crackpot. It makes you look like you are just as guilty of trying to brainwash people as those you are accusing. It lacks the same foresight that many Christians fall into when they tell people that Christ died and was resurrected, without explaining that it was necessary for him to do that to make a symbolic statement that people need to give up their old ways in order to become a new person. Or that baptism is not to just wash away sin, but to symbolize rebirth, like from a watery womb, or rising from a grave. It's really not that different a concept than that of a phoenix rising from the ashes. Unfortunately, Catholicism did away with that. What exactly does having some water poured on your head or flicked on you symbolize? If you don't understand the symbolism behind something, then you are not likely to accept the concept being expressed.

I am going to show you a door and you can choose to go through it. Free your mind and the rest will follow.

Leading a man becomes an easier task when you control his mind. Almost everyone who is a product of the American public school system, has been influenced in one way or another by the policies of our government. When our government uses these techniques on other countries, such as in WWII, it is called propaganda. There were radio broadcasts, and flyers were dropped from the air on foreign countries in order to sway the people to the American way of thinking. But what people don't recall is that at home, the same thing was being carried out. If you went to see a movie, there were news reels shown before the movies that were as much to sway public opinion as they were to give the news. Everyone has heard about the subliminal messages that were in the commercials to get you to go and buy snack food at the snack bar. Our government has been experimenting on us for over 50 years.

The CIA even did experiments on brainwashing in project MK-ULTRA. Documents concerning these experiments have been declassified and witness testimony has shown that they were willing to use, LSD, sleep deprivation, sexual abuse and isolation as methods to brainwash. One of the doctors involved was Dr. Ewan Cameron. He became the first chairman of the World Psychiatric Association and president of the American and Canadian psychiatric associations. He had been a member of the Nuremberg medical tribunal after WWII. This man who sat in judgement of Nazi's for their experimentation, did things that caused permanent damage to his patients. Younger people might not believe this is possible, but there were Senate Hearings held in 1977 on this matter. An interesting aside is the fact that the Rockefeller Commission was instrumental in bringing this experimentation to light. The Rockefeller's are rumored to be involve in all kinds of conspiracy. What purpose might they have had for doing what appeared to be a good deed here. Was it a covert way of publicly bragging to their friends that the experiments were successful?

While it is possible that his original intent was to help schizophrenic patients, by erasing their memory and reprogramming them, it evolved into a method of torturing people to get information from them. Along the way, they learned a lot about how to influence us.

Theodore Kaczynski, the Unabomber, may have been a victim of these experiments. There were experiments being conducted at Harvard University between 1959 and 1962. He was reportedly only 16 when he began participating.

Not all of those who volunteered for LSD experiments were mental patients. There was a man named Robert Hunter who was a poet and a friend of Jerry Garcia of Grateful Dead fame. Everyone knows the
Grateful Dead are associated with LSD use. The author of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest author, Ken Kelsey, was a volunteer and he began promoting LSD use outside of the experiments.

There is a theory that Sirhan Sirhan was hypnotized to kill Robert F. Kennedy. And it has been reported that the Jonestown massacre in Guyana was the result of MK-ULTRA experiments.

Most people have heard of 'disinformation.' This is also one of the CIA's methods of controlling people.

Given that government use of mind control is a historical fact, then you cannot dismiss the idea that they are now using all forms of media to influence us; especially when you know that research into influence costs corporations billions of dollars every year just to get us to buy their brand of toilet paper or toothpaste. How can you not believe the government wouldn't use it for more serious matters?

Depending on who you ask the men who started the Illuminati in the 1700's were Masons. But from the head of the organizations own correspondence, it is clear that they joined the Masons in order to learn what they could from it and then to recruit from it's membership. That is not to say there is nothing wrong with Masonic practices. But all Masons are not Illuminati.

In it's modern form, it is believed that they are conspiring to bring about a one world or universal government. It is commonly referred to as the New World Order. The idea is to bring us all under a system in which we have one religious and ethical viewpoint. And control of the world's economic or financial systems will be centralized. Have you heard of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank?

Unfortunately, history will show that any change in government requires military force. We now have a Global Military Force in the form of U.N. Peacekeeping troops. As well as the private contractors outside of the military.

If someone opposes them, there is the International Criminal Court, in which they can be tried. But Gitmo, shows that it is unnecessary to have a trial.

In order to put this N.W.O. Into place, there would have to be a collapse of the economy. The resulting panic and disorder would give them an excuse to deploy these troops they have been organizing for some time, by declaring a State of Emergency.

But before we got to the point where we are now, where we mutely watch these things become part of our every day life, we had to be influenced. They used the press, the educational system, and careful wording of speeches by our world leaders to get us hear. We have been given a diet, spoonful by spoonful. They knew they couldn't force-feed us all at once. If you haven't noticed yourself how frequently politicians from around the world use the phrase, New World Order, then you should look it up on You can find news clips of several presidents and vice presidents as well as Russian and European politicians using it.

Remember that 'disinformation' previously mentioned. Just to make sure we don't believe they exist, they either put out information on their own or allow others to do it for them, that accuses them of Satan sacrifices, homosexual practices and pedophilia. Because those things are so over the top, many people believe that the whole package is unbelievable.

Supposed defectors from the organization have made these accusations as well as saying that it is Aryan supremacist at the top, with members speaking German at the upper levels. This too is a misunderstanding of history. The reason these people believe they are superior, is not based on skin and eye color. It is because they believe they are descendants of the Merovingian bloodline. The Merovingian kings believed they were chosen by whatever gods they believed in privately to rule over everyone else. They believed they were a hybrid species of human and godlike beings. Or maybe they just pretended to believe that in order to get others to go along with them. It is not necessary to believe you are superior, it is necessary to get others to believe it.

Have you ever noticed that during a presidential campaign, there are news stories that tell how the candidates are descended from this or that notable historic figure? It is important to these people to believe they come from a long line of chosen people. Who are some of the families who stay in power generation after generation? They come from old money, like the Rockefellers and Mellons; the Carnegie and Rothschild family are some others. There are descendants of the ruling families of the Hapsburg line and from the royal families of England and France. Lineally, they can all be traced back to King Merovec, the progenitor of the Merovingians. Within the US, it has been stated that the only two presidents that were not associated with any secret society, Masons, Skull and Bones, Illuminati, etc., were Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy. They were both assassinated.

Where do the associations with Satan come from? There is a co-mingling of philosophy and religion called illuminism, or Luciferianism, because it's practitioners seek enlightenment. Another name for this is Luciferianism. But it does not mean Lucifer in the Christian understanding of the word.

The Illuminati has evolved into what it is today from ancient Mystery Schools from the Babylonian, Egyptian and Greek cultures. Within those societies, there were groups of individuals who gravitated toward one another in order to amass knowledge and understanding of the universe. Having something that everyone else has, even knowledge, can be powerful. Power then corrupts. Most likely they learned things that they decided not to share with others. Even going so far as to misinform everyone else, in order to more easily control them.

During the interim centuries, there were groups of men, such as the Knights Templar, who are believed to have come across some of this hidden knowledge. One theory is that the founders of the order all came from the Rex Deus families, which had information derived from the Essenes. These families supposedly descend from the 24 elders of the Temple of Solomon at the time of Jesus. They believe they have the 'true' teachings of Jesus and believe they are supposed to bring about a new kingdom of heaven on earth. They are supposed to have gone to Jerusalem to excavate under the ruins of the Temple of Solomon trying to find, treasure, scrolls with secret knowledge and other things, based on this inside information. They seem to have found some kind of lost knowledge, because among other things, when they returned to Europe, cathedrals began to be built, largely based upon the sacred geometry that Solomon's temple had been built with. Prior to this time, Europeans did not have quite the level of knowledge to carry off these massive building projects. They also seem to have amassed quite a fortune, which probably could not entirely be accounted for from their business transactions and the fact that their members had to turn over their possessions to them. It is obvious that sacred geometry figures highly in Rosicrucian and Masonic teachings and they claim this knowledge came from the Knights Templar.

When the order was suppressed in the Middle Ages, there is a good deal of circumstantial evidence that suggests that the monks dispersed, taking their wealth, treasures and knowledge with them. The Masons seem to have formed from the remnant of the Templar Knights, as well as other organizations.

Admittedly, it is just as possible that the Templars did not have occult secrets, but that these later organization said they did, maybe even believing it in order to attract members and to control them. Human beings have a tendency to be attracted to the idea of looking like a 'bad boy' without actually being one. While I am one of those who agrees with Mark Twain, and would not be a member of any club that would want me for a member, most people love the idea of being special and belonging.
Adam Weishaupt, founder of the Illuminati had a sort of master plan. He wanted to have one religion, one government etc. and he planned to use the schools to indoctrinate people. This was not just some crackpot. He was trained to be a Jesuit priest, but never took the robe.

The Skull and Bones Society, founder, went to Germany in about 1832 while he was at college. He must have had some contact with Illuminati members that went underground, because when he came home he founded Skull and Bones and patterned it somewhat on the Illuminati.

The Illuminati was formed in

Masonry in America was established in

Skull and Bones was formed in 1832

The Masons, Illuminati and other organizations use symbols that can have more than one meaning in order to slide ideas over on people before they realize what has happened. For instance, the sun rays shining out from behind the all seeing eye, such as that found on U.S. Currency, is a symbol for the Egyptian sun god Horus. The terminology used by the Egyptians was very similar to that we use for Jesus. They called him the son of god, and when the sun rose in the morning, he was the newly risen or resurrected son. Notice here that sun and son are being used interchangeably. People who do not believe in Christianity, point to this as evidence that Christians just copied from older religions for their ideas. The Egyptians called Horus, the risen savior, the light of the world, etc. This all seeing eye was watching over the people and was very bright, and all knowing and this is why people refer to an intelligent person as bright or brilliant.

Later, in the 1st Century B.C. Greece and Rome, there was a god called Mythras, being worshiped. This God was Indo-Iranian in origin. This god, was called Lord of Light, giver of bliss, and the victorious. Notice the similarity to Horus' titles and the reference to light also mirrors Jesus. Mythras sometimes had a feminine persona. There are American statues that represent a female America, and Liberty, which also have Mythras-like imagery on them.

Eagles are a modern adaption of all of the different sky gods, which were sometimes portrayed as eagle-men and the phoenix is sometimes modified on American symbols to represent eagles. On top of the Capital Building, stands the goddess Freedom, and she is eagle headed. We are taught to believe that eagles represent the principle of liberation/liberty, and release from bondage.

Lady Liberty looks remarkably like the Greek goddess Athena, sometimes equated with the Roman goddess Minerva, the goddess of war, wisdom, and philosophy. But we are told that she is just the personification of freedom. Minerva is shown on Thomas Jefferson's presidential coin along with an eagle and a liberty pole. The liberty poles that were used during the early years of our country, were the same as those associated with Minerva.

The ultimate goddess statue is the Statue of Liberty, who is shown enlightening the world and freeing us from darkness and fear. Masons revere Nimrod as the builder of the Tower of Babel, which was to be a stairway to heaven, and some people believe that Statue of Liberty is modeled on the tower. The French sculptor who designed her was a Mason. He originally drew her on top of a pyramid, but the American Masons who made her put her on top of a Babylonian ziggurat type structure, in honor of Nimrod. Interestingly, the Babylonians had a god which was symbolized by an all seeing eye. The Assyrians also had liberty tree or tree of life and an all seeing eye of god in their symbolism. The staircase on the inside of her looks remarkably like the next symbol on the list, the caduceus. It looks like a staff or a pole, with two intertwined snakes around it. It is now the symbol of the House of Representatives. It has an eagle on the top of it, and used to be carried around during sessions to restore order. If a member was being too disorderly, it could be held in front of him, by the sergeant at arms, in order to remind him to behave himself.

Originally, it was associated with the Egyptian god, Thot, the god of magic/alchemy and commerce and in his function of the great designer, was the supposed designer of the Great Pyramid. His Greek counterpart was Hermes and his Roman one was Mercury.

There is an all seeing eye above the pyramid on the Great Seal of the United States and on the dollar bill. Being above the pyramid leads you to believe that it's origin is Egyptian.

It was put on the currency by Franklin D. Roosevelt, after being prompted to do so by his Secretary of Agriculture, Henry A. Wallace and by a Russian mystic Nicholas Roerich, who FDR sent to Mongolia of all places looking for the secrets of Jesus, which actually means he was looking for the Holy Grail. He went under the guise of looking for drought resistant grasses. News Week Magazine reported his real purpose for being there. There is a symbol for Nehru,the center of Shambala in Mongolia, which is very similar to the all seeing eye. Nehru is also the name for the center of Atlantis.

Freemason teaching says that the all seeing eye represents the return of the Messiah. Rosicrucian imagery from the 16th century shows Jesus on top of a fiery pyramid, an obvious attempt at marrying the symbols of ancient cultures with the more modern Christianity. In a sense, they are saying that you can take an ancient pagan symbol and apply your own meaning to it, and it doesn't matter that it originally meant something else.

Thomas Jefferson is known to have been highly interested in symbols and codes and cryptography. It has never been proven whether or not he belonged to any secret society, but his interest in ancient languages is well known. Someone stole his personal papers and threw them into the James River. Among the other founding fathers, several were members of these secret societies and the influence the y had on the founding of our country must have been immense. Paul Revere, John Hancock and George Washington were among those who met at St. John's Lodge, which was founded in 1733 in Boston. George Washington has been painted in full Masonic regalia. There were statues and paintings of him as a god, and also as Moses receiving the new laws. Obvious attempts to give more credibility to him as a leader. You have to remember that not so long before that, Americans had been living under the rule of kings and queens, who maintained their rule by the idea that they were placed on their thrones by God and therefore had a divine right to rule in whatever manner they saw fit, as God's representatives on earth. This association of Washington with divinity was meant to instill faith in his leadership ability in the citizens of the new republic. Being Masons would have given the founding fathers the idea that they had a direct link with God as well. Benjamin Franklin founded and was Grand Master of a lodge in Philadelphia.

I have seen Masonic aprons with symbols all over them. Such as a female sun/angel, which represents rebirth in the stars of pure souls; a plumb line, which represents the master builder as well as 'uprightness' and truth; leveling boards, show the ability of a Mason to smooth out the rough spots of his personality; pyramids to show that the Masonic craft came from Egypt; a beehive represents the lodge; Solomon's Temple is shown with a checkerboard courtyard, showing the black and white choices a Mason has to make in life; two pillars names Joachim and Boaz, represent the duality between punishment and mercy; a five pointed star with a letter G, represents divinity; there is an ouroboros , which they say represents alchemy; there is a skull and cross bones, which was a Templar symbol; a compass represents the great architect, or God; a square represents the pursuit of the Masonry and being 'on the square' to find divine knowledge of Solomon and Hermes which makes you 'set square with God'; the tree of life and afterlife are represented by the acacia branch.

These symbols are used to impart wisdom in stages to the Mason, and be an allegory to man's mind. The secrets are supposed to be the secrets held within the subconscious of us all. The founding fathers would have seen America as a representation of all of these ideals, in effect one huge temple.

Masonic philosophy teaches that all religions hold part of the truth, but that you have to have parts of them all in order to understand true knowledge. You are supposed to study the symbols in order to learn how to improve yourself and learn to know yourself, then you become closer to divinity or heaven. This is supposed to raise you above other men.

George Washington and Ben Franklin are also believed to have been Rosicrucians. Their most widely known symbol is the rose and cross. They were supposed to be studying physics, hyper-physics and metaphysics. They had symbols like pyramids, with light coming down on them, which is likely the origin of the symbols on our currency. Rosicrucians believed that their order could be traced into antiquity. There are paintings of Leonardo Da Vincii with an angel holding what appears to be the Holy Grail, and Jacques De Molay, one of the last Templar Grand Masters. Da Vinci is wearing a head dress that looks like an ancient Babylonian head dress. The Babylonians were also the ones who worshiped the tree of life.

However ancient the origins of Rosicrucianism might be, Sir Francis Bacon was responsible for it's revival and is also credited with the founding of Free Masonry. He was supposedly initiated to the Knights Templar as a young man. He was an author, studied science, philosophy and politics, and was a member of Queen Elizabeth's court. Some even believe he may have been her son. He is also credited with being the true author of William Shakespeare's writings.

He founded the Virginia Company and he drew up the rules of government for the Virginia Colony. Our Constitution is believed to have drawn some on this charter of laws. He wrote a novel called the New Atlantis about a utopian world on North America. His ideas for an ideal society based on Atlantis, may have been the beginnings of the New World Order philosophy. Of interest is the fact that Atlantis had a capital that was a city on a hill. We have Capital Hill in Washington, D.C.

Bacon's new society would be governed by the House of Solomon, and it's king would be named Solomon. His book was published a year after he died and many of his descendants came to America to settle.

Thomas Jefferson was exposed to the ideas of the Scottish Enlightenment while he was at The College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA. He was taught by lay member of the faculty named William Small. He was a professor of Natural Philosophy and Math. This Scottish Enlightenment drew heavily on the writings of John Locke and Francis Bacon, and challenged the teachings of orthodox religion.

Jefferson went on to found the University of Virginia. His purpose was to establish a school where men could learn without being hampered and influenced by religious ideas.

As I previously stated, it has not been proven that he belonged to any secret societies, but there is a good bit of evidence that he was at least learned in some of the same philosophy they taught. His home at Monticello is built with with a dome in the center. The circle within a square was used as a favorite symbol of Leonardo Da Vinci and the Masons use it to symbolize the union of heaven and earth.

Masons believe that reproducing the golden ratio found in nature will harness some sort of power within themselves.

Washington is full of buildings, statues and paintings that reveal, Masonic influence. Even the layout of the streets is supposed to have Masonic design influence. The Capital has a painting at the top of the dome with Mercury giving a bag of gold to Robert Morris, who financed the American Revolution; the god of blacksmithing and alchemy, Vulcan; America, wearing a liberty cap; Neptune, holding a trident, which harkens back to Atlantis; Benjamin Franklin is overseeing the work of a Mason, and Minerva is standing next to him as his muse; in the center is George Washington, who has been transformed into a god. This transformation into a god is a Masonic idea. They believe that through enlightenment you can become as a god or godlike.

Quite obviously, our nation was founded on ideas that while preaching separation of church and state, were actually attempting to set up a government which controlled the way we think, instead of giving us freedom of thought.

To return to the idea that modern media is being used to program us, what are some of the movies with apparent Illuminati symbols within them?

1. A Scanner Darkly (2006) Robert Downey Jr's character has on a t-shirt with an all seeing eye within a pyramid. There is a poster on the wall with the Masonic symbols of the compass and square and the 'G' in the center.
2. I have seen a scene in Hackers (1995) which shows the WTC with lights forming the words 'crash and burn'
3. The Handmaid's Tale (1990) has a couple of scenes where an all seeing eye shows up.
4. Being There (1979) has a scene with pallbearers carrying a coffin past a pyramid with an all seeing eye.
5. Aeon Flux (2005) pyramid and eye
6. Samurai Jack (2003) pyramid and eye
7. Tomb Raider (2001) pyramid and eye
8. Super Mario Brothers (1993) shows the destruction of the WTC
9. There are even episodes of South Park and the Simpsons with Masonic imagery in them.

Some of the movies that are pointed out as using Illuminati symbols are just ridiculous. For instance, The Mummy. Well of course a movie about a mummy is going to have Egyptian symbolism in it. National Treasure had all of these American symbols all over Washington, but of course it would, since the movie was about using them to find clues. The Affair of the Necklace has a member of the Illuminati as a character and so does From Hell, so of course they will have the symbols as part of the background for the story. But you could look at these and say that either way, they are still getting the symbols into our minds and culture.

Who are some of the politicians openly using the term New World Order.

1. In an eerie foreshadowing of the WTC bombing, George Bush, Sr. gave a speech on September 11, 1991 in which he referred to a New World Order.
2. Henry Kissinger
3. Bill Clinton
4. Pope John Paul II

What companies use Illuminati symbols for their logos?
1. Paramount films
2. AOL has a pyramid with an eye
3. The A for Adobe is very pyramid-like
4. CBS has an eye for its symbol as well as some pyramids with eyes at the top
5. British Intelligence Agency MI5 has a pyramid with an eye
6. Ameritrade has another pyramid and eye
7. Rocawear, uses pyramids and all seeing eyes and the phrase masters of the craft
8. Burzon has a pyramid-eye in the center of the letter 'O”
9. LRG clothing uses the eye
10. OBEY clothing, although some of it's messages could be seen as sarcastic and anti Illuminai, because they say things like, “In lesser gods we trust”
11. Almost everyone has heard that there are hiden images in Disney animations and Walt Disney was a Mason.
12. Schmack uses a lot of Skull and Crossbone imagery
13. Fidelity Investments uses a Pyramid-eye
14. Time Warner has an eye logo
15. Nvidia has an eye logo
16. Toyota has an eye logo

How do we know whether or not these images symbolize something positive or something negative, when they could be either or both. That's the problem with imagery; one person applies a positive meaning and another applies a negative meaning. Depending on how you hold your fingers, the sign of the devil's horns, can also be sign language for I love you. Most people are not going to notice the subtle difference. During the last 30 years or better, those devil's horns have just been the symbol for someone who is a Rock n Roller, who likes to listen to rock music and have a good time. But who is to say that someone didn't come up with the idea to use rock music to get us all giving that hand gesture?

Subliminal or hidden messages are all around us. Music is a major influence on our society. It is a proven fact that when you listen to music, it activates every part of your brain. This is why they say children who listen to music while taking tests get higher scores.

In addition to the artists who are being pointed out as using Illuminati symbols. There are also an awful lot of artists writing lyrics that warn against the New World Order. Is this reverse psychology, or have the Illuminati just been approaching that many people and trying to get them to aid their efforts? There are people who believe that 2PAC and Michael Jackson were intimidated by trumped up legal charges and other means of intimidation to try to get them to sing songs that contained subliminal messages. When they resisted, they were killed.

Among those writing what appears to be anti Illuminati or New World Order lyrics and some who seem to play it both ways are:

1. JAY-Z
2. The late 2PAC(one of his songs even predicted they would have him killed) also called them Killuminati
3. DR. DRE
10. Rihanna

Some people believe the reason for the confusion is that these people are approached by Illuminati recruiters and offered power, influence, wealth and success in return for becoming a member and allowing themselves to be used to further the cause. Once involved, they learn what they have signed on for and are subtly trying to warn others. Proponents of this idea, believe this is why Michael Jackson and 2PAC are dead.

A more likely scenario is that they form investment companies, to fund movies or music they like. They then begin to exert control over what is filmed and recorded.

Shortly before he died, 2PAC gave an interview in which he said that there wouldn't be a big East Coast- West Coast War if the press didn't perpetuate it with all the coverage and hype.

There are athletes and actors as well who are believed to have fallen under the influence of the Illuminati.

1. Kobe Bryant
2. Lebron James
3. Sammy Davis Jr. was photographed with Anton LeVay.

These celebrities are often photographed using unusual handshakes and making the sign of the devil or holding fingers up to look like horns. They also form their hands into a triangle or pyramid-like shape. The compass sign, the first few times I saw this, it was men doing it and I thought they were making an obscene gesture for female genitalia. Kanye West, Jay-Z, Rihanna, and Beyonce have all been photographed making these weird signs.

The sheer volume of movies made in the last part of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century which have Illuminati subjects, should give you pause. There is an expression, “bad publicity is still publicity.” This means that even if a movie appears to be against these secret societies, they are still getting the message out that they are real and that they do exist so that we can begin to believe in them.

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