Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Last Words of Spartacus

The Last Words of Spartacus

Glory to Lucifer ... worshiped by the wind
Who said No to the face of those who said Yes
Who taught Man to tear down the evanescence
Who said No … so he did not die
And remained a soul eternally in pain

I am hanging from the morning gallows
My forehead is bowing to death
Because it did not bow while I was living
O’ brothers and sisters passing through the main square with your heads bent low
Gliding towards the end of evening hours, down ‘Alexander the Great avenue’*
Do not be ashamed
Do not be ashamed and raise your eyes toward me
Because you are hanging there beside me
Hanging next to me on Caesar’s gallows
Raise your eyes to me
For maybe if you do, and your eyes meet the death in my eyes
The extinction within me might smile
Because you raised your heads up if only once


The rock is no longer on his shoulders
It is now carried by those who are born in the dorms of the slaves
While the sea
The sea is like the desert, does not quench the thirst
For only tears quench the thirst of those who dare to say No
So raise your eyes up to the hanging rebel
For you will end up like him tomorrow
And kiss your wives
Kiss your wives right here in the middle of the road
For tomorrow it is in this very place that you will perish
Bowing is bitter
And the spider on the necks of men is knitting their fall
So kiss your wives
For I have not kissed mine goodbye
And if you see my child whom I left behind in her arms
Missing an arm
Teach him to bow
Teach him to bow
God did not forgive Lucifer when he said No
And the gentle hearted and the kind are the ones destined to inherit the earth at the end
Because they do not get hanged
So teach him to bow
There is no escape
And do not dream of a world full of happiness
For after every Caesar that dies
Is born another Caesar
And behind every rebel that dies
Is pointless sadness and wasted tears

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