Saturday, April 23, 2011

RFID Chips, What They Mean To You

RFID Chips


Radio Frequency Identity Chips are tiny silicon computer chips and an antenna. Remote Readers can scan and read them and send information to a database. They can be read through fabric and plastic.


These things are already in all new American passports.


Wal-mart uses them to track it's shipments of supplies. the military also uses it to follow it's supplies.


We are being manipulated into using these things. One form of them is called the VeriChip Infant Protection System. People are actually having their children tagged like dogs. There are also forms of these used to keep track of elderly people. Keep in mind that senior citizens are the fastest growing segment of the population, due to the Baby Boom after WWII.


Hospitals are using them to keep track of it's medical supply inventory as well as drugs. If you have surgery, the bottles that contain tissue samples are tagged with RFID's that are keyed to information in the computer system about the surgery you had. When the samples get to the lab, the pathologist can scan the bottles and automatically pull up that information.


There are companies marketing sleeves to put your credit cards in as well as special wallets, to block anyone from being able to scan your cards as you walk past them.


Real ID Act of 2005


This act prohibits Federal Agencies from accepting driver's licenses or personal identification cards that come from state's not meeting the federal requirements of the Real ID Act.


Some of these requirements are that anyone applying for a license must provide certain information to prove their identity and immigration status. The cards have to have the RFID. And there has to be greater security at the actual DMV offices.

State DMV's have to 

"be in compliance with the Act to replace all licenses inted for official

purpose with REAL ID-compliant cards by December 1, 2014 for people born after December 1, 1964, 

and by December 1, 2017 for those born on or before December 1, 1964.""

If your state is not in compliance, then your cards are not allowed to be accepted for any purpose at the federal level.


Check out the following URL on the State of Florida's DMV website. It explains that it is already using RFID on licenses.


This one is the Department of Homeland Security's site:


The State of Ohio received a million dollars from DHS in 2009 in order to implement the program.


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